BARG POS Software

BARG POS Software
BARG POS Software
BARG POS Software
BARG POS Software
BARG POS Software
BARG POS Software
BARG POS Software
BARG POS Software

BARG POS is the newest and most modern store sales software of BARG system that works integrated with all the solutions below. This software, apart from general features of solutions mentioned, comes with the following features:

✓  Customer information management and different reports based on customers’ specifications

✓  grant points to the customers and use these points at the time of purchasing goods

✓  issuing gift cards at all the branches of the store

✓  safe deposit and bank inventory management centralized from head quarter

✓  centralized master data definition for all the branches and sales centers

✓  locate goods in the store

✓  monitor the inventory in different branches and make cross-branch reservation

✓  holding sales invoice and manage prepayments

✓  issue gift invoice without amount

✓  quick return processing based on sales invoice

✓  manage sales staff performance in accordance with the target

✓  online performance monitoring for all the branches

✓  internal management reports for each branch

✓  centralized definition of discounts, gifts

✓  and sale campaigns based on store, product, etc.

and other features of ERP.

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BARG POS is one of the most Comprehensive retail management solutions available in Iran.
Thanks to LOGO ERP, which enabled the BARG POS as the most detailed oriented shop management software integrated with Bellow ERP products of logo.

· Tiger 3
· Tiger 3 Enterprise
· Tiger Wings
· Tiger wings Enterprise

The architevure of BARG POS is ideal design for the retailers who are eager to develop their retail network and brand.

Here are some categorized information of the solution:
1) General features

· Developed by C#
· SQL Database
· Fully Integrated with ERP
· Online & Offline
· Multi-Company
· Multi-Currency
· Multi-Calendar
· Push & Pull Data Transfer
· Touch screen interface
· Customizable icons
· Excel / Xml import & Export

2) Administration

· User definition
· User access rights
· User Role Assignment
· Temporary managerial access rights
· Bank POS Integration
· Time Machine Integration
·  MSR Card Integration
· Scale Integration
· SMS Integration
· Messaging System from head quarter to shops
· Parametric implementation

3) Master Data transfer

· General settings
· Shops
· Warehouses
· Cash points
· cashiers
· Sales person
· Bank POS
· Customers
· Gift Cards
· Points
· Products
· Prices
· Discounts
· Campaigns
· Inventory

4) Shop Management

· Separate shelf & inventory (Optional)
· Slips Numbering Template (invoice, Return, Warehouse slips, Customer Code, Gift Cards, Point,
· Rounding
· Default Customer
· Central Safe Deposit

5) Product Management

· Quantity product definition
· Scale Products definition
· Services definition
· Separate VAT calculation by product
· Product Multi Categorization (Brand, season, color, drop, size, category 1..n)
· Product matrix and hierarchy
· One product - multi barcode

6) Customer management

· Customer loyalty Groups
· Loyalty Card No.
· Name
· Gender
· District
· Address
· Mobile
· Phone
· work
· Email
· Birthday

7) Price management

· Different shop different price
· Price definition by start and end date
· Price history

8) Sales Strategy

· Flexible Discounts / Promotions / Surcharges definition
· Flexible Pointing system for point earn and use
· Different shops different sales and promotions
· Formulation and open C# Coding for discount and promotion definition
· Birthday Discount
· Customer anniversary Point
· Disabling points on Discounted invoice

9) Point management

· Different customer groups different pointing strategy
· Date period
· Invoice amount range point earn
· Percentage point earn
· Point to value factor
· Point revaluation
· Periodic point revaluation

10) Stock Management

· Negative inventory control (optional)
· Other shops Inventory view
· Product reservation from other shops
· Product change from other shops
· Label printing
· Cycle Counting
· Dispatch & Receipt
· Warehouse transfers

11) Sales Activity

· Barcode selection and product search
· Hold invoice
· Days limit to auto cancel hold invoice
· Product reservation
· Issuing parking exit fee receipt
· Customizable invoice design
· Force to select salesperson

12) Sales Return

· Easy return by invoice barcode
· Return type selection
· Product change type selection
· Issuing Gift card on sales return (Optional)
· Multi payment on return
· Days limit to return after invoicing

13) Collection Methods

· Cash in base currency
· Cash in foreign currency
· Bank Card (with POS Integration)
· Check
· Open account
· Gift card
· Point

14) Security

· Selected offline Activities

o   Point Usage

o   Gift Card

· MSR Card Login

15) Gift Cards

· Gift Cards Numbering Template
· Issuing gift card by any amount at cash point
· Gift card expiry date
· Gift card multi payment
· Convert gift card to gift card

16) Sales team

· User / Alias / Picture recognition
· Separate cashiers / salesperson / sales manager
· Selecting salesperson on each item of an invoice separate

17) Cashier management

· Daily Cash opening
· Cash opening by receiving an amount (morning changes)
· Mid-day cash payment to central safe deposit
· X report
· Z Report
· Daily Cash closing

18) Commission management

· Sales target by shop / product group / product / …
· Salesperson and sales manager commission calculation
· Target customer group commission calculation
· Value based commissions
· Quantity based commissions
· Invoice count commissions
· Customer count commissions
· Customer district based commissions

19) Reporting

· Report Generator
· Sales report
· Collection report
· Product change reports
· Customer reports
· Daily reports
· Monthly reports
· Attendance report
· Thanks to report generator all kind of reports for each shop and company can be designed easily

شرکت برگ سیستم، در حال حاضر علاوه بر این که نماینده رسمی فروش، پیاده­‌سازی، بومی­‌سازی، سفارشی‌سازی و تنها عامل اعطای نمایندگی شرکت ترکیه­‌ای لوگو در ایران می­‌باشد، خود نیز محصولاتی نرم‌افزاری جدیدی را تولید می‌نماید که هم به صورت مستقل قابل استفاده هستند و هم به صورت یکپارچه با نرم افزار های ERP شرکت لوگو، قابلیت کارکرد دارند که لیست این محصولات در وب سایت قابل مشاهده است.

شرکت برگ سیستم ارائه دهنده  نرم افزار های ERP در صنایع مختلف از جمله پخش و توزیع ، خرده فروشی، فروشگاهی، تولیدی، بازرگانی و پیمانکاری، در سال 1390 تاسیس شد. این شرکت نماینده رسمی محصولات ERP شرکت ترکیه‌ای Logo Business Solution می‌باشد. کارشناسان شرکت برگ سیستم از سال 1383 تجربه پیاده‌سازی نرم‌افزارهای Logo از جمله Tiger 3 Enterprise ،Tiger 3 ،Go 3  را دارا بوده و پروژه‌های مهمی را چه در سطح ملی و چه در سطح بین‌المللی به سرانجام رسانده‌اند.